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Revolution Against Evolution – Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Published on Nov 11, 2014

Dr. Charles Jackson reveals the current known problems with the Big Bang theory and why it is disingenuous to continue to teach it without talking about these issues.



John Alley brings a message today of hope in the Gospel – in the person of Jesus and what He accomplished for all men, for all time. John explains the basic truths – God created man in innocence, but man fell into sin and lost that innocence. Therefore, God sent Jesus, born into the Jewish race but reaching all men and replacing all religions. Although the earthly ministry of Jesus was brief, and He did not travel extensively or conduct large meetings but nevertheless His truth has reached all over the world. Jesus, says John, is the Man for all seasons, all nations and all cultures. Academics have conducted studies which indicate that every good thing in society today finds its roots in the word of God and the teachings of Jesus. John concludes his message with encouragement to the listener to know that when people turn to God, He blesses them and lifts up those nations.